All the renewals which today’s technology provides us are blended with soft architectural touches to meet in modern and healthy lines. Live the healing air in the unique located balcony between the sea and woods.


We collected all the renewals of informatics technology that facilitate our lives and we brought them together. Residents of TarabyaLIFE, will be able to manage their homes with their mobile phones or tablets from wherever they wish.


With its social fittings like swimming pool with jacuzzi, swimming pool for children, fitness hall, sauna, steam room, and children’s playgrounds, it is providing a peaceful social life both within the city and in nature to its owners.


TarabyaLIFE is constructed with the high technology of the construction sector. Its qualified standing is highlighted with its geographic location touched with the qualified architectural texture.


Bosphorus has always been valuable for the noble people of all civilisations who have lived in this geography all through the history and it will always be valuable. Take your place in TarabyaLIFE both to be able to live the moment and to make a good investment to the future !


At TarabyaLIFE, you can live securely with the closed circuit security cameras, intecom system, systems with cards and entry systems, and security services on 7/24 basis.

TarabyaLIFE With Photos

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Project Partners

As being the experienced and powerful two companies in the sector, we have joined our powers to give life to TarabyaLIFE.
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