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As being the experienced and powerful two companies in the sector, we have joined our powers to give life to TarabyaLIFE. At TarabyaLIFE, which is brought into life with the collaboration UZMAN and SVOT, we are providing a brand new and peaceful life area for you.
Take your place in TarabyaLIFE both to be able to live the moment and to make a good investment to the future !

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Our company was founded under the title of Uzman Ticaret ve İnşaat A.Ş. on the 18th of October, 1977, having started with the operations. We have gained all of the projects we have realised since our establishment, to our country without making any concessions from correct location, research and development, and quality. We are continuing to present our new projects.

Our company has its signature on many successful projects like Capacity Shopping Center, Titanic Port Hotel – Bakırköy, Capital Tower Office, West Side İstanbul, Canpark Shopping Center, Hilton Garden İnn Hotel –Ümraniye, Atlaspark Shopping Center, and Atlaspark Office.

Our company has been the address for the right investments by balancing the demand and supply relation in our country and it has been a source of pride. As Uzman Ticaret ve İnşaat A.Ş. family, we would like to thank to our personnel, our enterpreneurs and to all those who put their efforts in it  as becoming part of this success.

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Svot Yapı, has been founded in 1998 with the vision to create real estate projects to improve life qualities of people and to add values for the country and the investors. Their targets are determined by evaluating the opportunities in real estate area at the right time and turning them into qualified investments. LeventLIFE Residence I, LeventLIFE Residence II, LeventLIFE Office, and İmaj Garden Zekeriyaköy, have been projects reflecting the viewpoint of Svot as regards to the real estate investments both as an investor and a developer.

Svot employs professionals having capabilities relating with project creation, design, engineering, architecture, planning, construction management, marketing and management within its institution to be able to reach their targets. Other than these, outsourcing services for different business issues  are realised through experts who are selected among the best ones in their fields.

Svot, does not only evaluate the rising regions but also the ones having the potential to rise, in the best and most effective manner. By considering the location, value, and the future of the place, they are producing the most suitable architecture and project for the region.